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Cost Effective Alternatives for Teeth Whitening

Let’s admit it, you feel a bit low because of your yellow stained teeth but you are too lazy to make amends. Given that you are in a company of people, you would not be able to give a fruitful smile to others in the fear of getting the dirt exposed. Of course you want to end it soon and end it now. So, here is a trouble free solution for you, in the face of incredible products in the market today that have substituted well on behalf of the expenses on a dentist.

Alta White

On extensive research, this product has been proved as a reliable teeth whitening scheme, one should try a hand on. It is a kind of different product from others in the market as it requires no use of tray or any kind of messy applications. It is a painless product to exploit and takes seconds for its appliance. Not only does it fights with the plaque stains of your teeth but also strengthens the enamel. You get a perfect self-cleansing treatment within the comfort of your home without having to go out and spend money on dentists. The pack comprises of swabs (24 of them) and a powder of aluminum tri-hydroxide and magnesium which are anti-staining elements. The swabs are a mixture of peppermint, water and glycerine which acts as a freshener to the teeth. All you need to do is to apply the powder and polish the swabs against your teeth thrice a day. Believe me, in a matter of half a dozen days, you will observe a million dollar smile on your face.

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Idol White

Idol White

If you are thinking to achieve results in minutes, then please do not read this review rather go to your dentist, get a bleaching or a UV ray treatment and spend hundreds of dollar on it. But you know what, results will still be temporary. So why not instead be a little patient and spend smart on this whitening solution, basically a magical pen of gel. This is highly recommended for those on a budget and those willing to give it a time. Quite well beyond your imagination, it’s easier and quicker to apply unlike some of the other gels. No sort of guards are required to apply it and it won’t keep you waiting long for results. After brushing your teeth, go up to the mirror and look for the yellow pieces that needs to be altered. The length of the pen is such; it can reach any of the unreachable ones. Apply it on the stained spot; you don’t have to necessarily swab the whole thing up.  Use it twice daily post-teeth brushing and you will surely witness amazing results in a matter of fortnight.

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Mint Cosmetics

Mint Cosmetics

Looking for a quick change in your smirk without having to take pain of much expense? Give a chance to Mint cosmetics teeth whitening kit and you won’t be disappointed. Peroxide content of this product is as low as 6% and it shows effect within half an hour. It’s a kind of self dental treatment where you are your own dentist. In fact, many dentists use these kinds of gel and suck money from you unreasonably. But you need not worry now and keep faith in this easy to apply kit. Fill the tray with the gel and fit it well against your teeth making sure that there is a contact between the teeth and the gel. Within seconds, oxygen is released by the gel which penetrates soothingly inside the teeth and oxidizes any kind of stains. It has been proved to be one of the best unnatural, systematic and safest ways to brighten the teeth without any risk of side effects.

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People do not change easily as they say, but things do keep changing forever. Over a decade, inventions of products like these have made it look easier to deal with dental problems instead of losing bank balance on medical consultants. It is time to choose wisely and make a smart preference over the others.

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